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RKD Software & RKD System Inc.
The RKD Software (now RKD System Inc.) was founded in 1999. Our company specializes in the production and distribution of barcoding software and technologies. From the beginning, our company has dedicated its efforts to the creation and implementation of barcode creating tools and to the design and production of business documents. Now our company owns the following projects:
Barcode Creation Tools
  • Embed professional quality barcodes in your own application or Microsoft Office
  • Supports all popular barcode types
  • Components for Developers
  • Free OnLine barcode generator:
Barcode Reading/Decoding Software
  • Decode barcodes from images or cameras
  • All popular barcodes and platforms (Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android, Windows Mobile, etc.)
  • Barcode decoding in ARM devices
  • Barcode scanning application that works like keyboard wedge scanner

OnLine Barcode decoding Service

Barcode Web SDK
OnLine Barcode Creation Service
  • Generate barcodes from anywhere in the world
  • Do not have to set up your own server
  • Compatible with all Web Browsers
  • Supports all popular barcode types
  • 100+ convertion formats
  • merge different formats in single multi page
  • split single multi page files (PDF, TIFF, ...)
  • ...
Last 11 years, we concentrate on developing bar code decoding software. Now our decoding software allows to read all popular barcode symbologies: Linear (EAN, Code128, Code39, DataBar, etc.), PDF417, DataMatrix, QRCode, AztecCode. Our SDK works on difference platforms: Windows, Linux, Mac, Windows Mobile, Symbian, Android, iPhone.

Our client companies represent many different industries and business sectors: computer-hardware manufacturing, software publishing, printing, hospitality & entertainment, chemical manufacturing, health care, government, education, insurance, and more. We are constantly improving our products.

Promachon Eleftherias Street 33, 143,
Limassol, Cyprus